Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ladybug Cake

My friend's kiddo's first birthday cake with a "smash cake" for the birthday girl.

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  1. Susana, I found your blog doing a google search for "green ladybug birthday cake with daisies". When my younger sister turned 10, those were her EXACT specifications for her cake. I wanted to find some inspiration and I absolutely not only love this cake, but all of your cakes- they're gorgeous! Would you mind me posting the pictures of her birthday cake to my blog? It's very similar to this one here, so I can link back to this post if that is okay with you. I'm just getting it started because many of my friends want to see my cakes in one place. I just started cake decorating in Aug. 2010, so I hope to post pictures of my past cake projects until I get caught up to the ones I'm doing now. =)